Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) offers a package of up-to-date communication and broadcasting services rendered by means of ground technical
facilities and Russian orbital constellation. RSCC offers leasing of satellite segment capacity, technical facilities of ground stations and its terrestrial fiber-optic digital network. RSCC performs works on setting-up of multi-service satellite networks by applying VSAT-technologies. The company cooperates with Intelsat and Eutelsat. The cooperation is focused on allotment of space segment capacity of the above-mentioned operators to Russian Customers. RSCC monitors and controls Express-A, Express-AM, Eutelsat, LMI, and Intelsat satellites.

Digital Broadcasting

Broadcasting of federal, regional and commercial TV-programs and DTH services.

TV stage

Online TV translation.

Telecoms services
Satellite resources

Satellite communication TV channels.

Satellite communication TV channels

Satellite communication TV channels.

VSAT services

VSAT networking, including  Internet access, videoconferencing, corporate and departmental networks.

Ground facilities channels

Ground facilities channels.

Telemetry, Tracking and Control
TV services


Direct-broadcast satellite

Direct-broadcast satellites "Express-AT1", "Express-AT2", Skolkovo teleport