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RSCC provides a full range of communications and broadcasting services via its own terrestrial telecom facilities and GEO satellite constellation, which consists of modern Express-AM, Express-AT, Express-AMU type satellites; e.g. video distribution and contribution, DTH, DSNG, broadband Internet access, IP trunking and cellular backhaul, maritime, enterprise, emergency and backup connectivity, SCADA, digital inclusion programs and others. The company operates various regional satellite TV distribution platforms and corporate VSAT networks for fixed and mobility end user. 

RSCC satellites provide a unique combination of satellite coverage, engineering expertise and cost effective vertical solutions.

Distribution & Contribution

RSCC provides distribution of federal television and radio packages to all broadcasting zones of the Russian Federation. The company is actively working on the development of satellite infrastructure, while modernizing its own ground-based hardware for broadcasting digital TV programming packages as part of Federal Target Program “Development of Broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009–2018”.


Via Direct broadcast satellites Express-AT1 / -AT2 and  heavy weight Express-AMU1 Satellite RSCC provides direct broadcasting services on the territory from Eastern Europe to the Far East of Russia.

Technological Platform for Broadcasters

RSCC technological platform is a set of technical assets, which includes capacity of RSCC satellites and other domestic and foreign satellite operators, infrastructure of  space communications centers and RSCC ground network, proprietary compression and multiplexing center and Irdeto conditional access system. The platform allows providing comprehensive distribution services to television and radio companies throughout Russia and in neighboring countries. Broadcasting is available in MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HEVC, SD, HD, UHD formats.


Online broadcasting of news and reports from the events in all regions of the world.
Satellite News Gathering and Live Reporting
Offline video files transmission
Shared  IP TDMA Network
Communications for TV crew



RSCC provides a full range of telecom services for corporate customers, including Oil, Gas & Mining Industries, Financial Institutions (Banks), Retail and Point of Sales. 


Broadband Internet access and government digital inclusion programs

Broadband Internet Access for Institutions and Individuals, Electronic Government, Elections Video Monitoring, Internet for schools, Distance learning, Universal Service Obligation, Emergency backup, Telemedicine.


Cellular network connectivity in remote locations between remote base station of Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and its core network facility. When terrestrial connection is not cost effective or not available. SCPC or Shared TDMA network.


RSCC has deployed its own VSAT network based on five hub Earth stations. As an infrastructure operator, RSCC provides telecommunication operators, television and radio companies and other participants in the satellite communications market with access to the space segment capacity. The resources of RSCC satellites give ample opportunities for the organization of communication services and digital broadcasting, the creation of VSAT networks, organization of departmental and corporate communication networks in any region of the globe.


An innovative solution using modern Russian satellites of the Express-AM series based on maritime VSAT technology allows RSCC to provide a wide range of digital communication and broadcasting services on vessels of various classes and purposes. RSCC’s VSAT network covers the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, the Mediterranean, Baltic, Northern, Black, Caspian seas, the seas of Japan and Okhotsk as well as all northern seas surrounding Russia and Europe including Northern Sea Route. At present, 393 marine vessels operate in RSCC’s VSAT network.

Telemetry, Tracking and Control

The high-tech infrastructure of five own teleports allows RSCC to provide services for the management and monitoring of communication satellites in the geostationary orbit to the domestic and foreign operator companies. RSCC has also repeatedly provided foreign companies control services during the launching satellites into orbit. 

RSCC has deployed a modern terrestrial spacecraft control complex to manage and monitor not only its own satellites but also Eutelsat spacecraft and other operators. Located in the European part of Russia, in Siberia and the Far East RSCC Space communication centers allow monitoring and controlling satellites over the territories from Europe to the Asia-Pacific region.