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RSCC provides a wide range of communication and broadcasting services using its own ground facilities and satellite constellation. It is based on modern spacecraft of the Express-AM and Express-AT series. The company's satellites provide ample opportunities for organizing television and radio broadcasting, including DTH and IPTV services, broadband Internet access, data transmission, video conferencing, creating VSAT networks, organizing departmental and corporate communication networks in any region of the globe. The enterprise has deployed a modern spacecraft control complex. Its specialists provide control and monitoring of own satellites of the RSCC, as well as spacecraft of foreign operators.

Satellite capacity

The high-tech infrastructure of space communication centers allows the RSCC to provide operator companies with services for the management and monitoring of communication satellites in geostationary orbit. Today, by means of the ground control complex of the RSCC, the spacecraft of Eutelsat and other operators are controlled and monitored.

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