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There is enough space in the satellite market for everyone: Alexey Volin, General Director of RSCC, spoke about the impact of competition on the space communications industry as part of the Demo Day of the ICC "Satellite Communications"

A unique situation has arisen in the Russian space communications sector: for the first time, competition has formed in the market among manufacturers of telecommunications devices, which already has a beneficial effect on the industry as a whole. This was told by Alexey Volin, General Director of RSCC, Chairman of the Industrial Competence Center "Satellite Communications" at the Demo Day of the profile ICC. The event was organized by RSCC and took place on April 4 in Veliky Novgorod.

"On April 12, the Gazprom AIT Facility will start operating in Shchelkovo: now, together with RESHETNEV JSC, there will be two manufacturers of spacecraft in the country. As customers, we are already seeing the positive impact of such competition on the industry. And with those large–scale spacecraft construction programs – not only communications and broadcasting, but also satellites on low Earth orbit, medium Earth orbit and a large number of remote sensing constellations - there will definitely be enough space on the market for everyone," Alexey Volin expressed confidence.

His idea was continued by Yuri Urlichich, Chairman of the Council of the Association of Satellite Communications Market Players, Adviser to Director General of RSCC.

"We see what global plans there are on the market to send spacecraft to different orbits. Not all of them are provided with 100% financing, but the need to implement these plans is now acute. Demonstrators have already flown into space – Skif, three Rassvet satellites, and many others are in line. In parallel, ground communications are also actively developing. Here, I think, Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media will help to improve this competition. We have already understood that such competition is useful. In addition, over time, we concluded that we would do everything ourselves. In particular, we are waiting for inventions in microelectronics, which are now so necessary for the industry," Yuri Urlichich said.

Alexey Volin also mentioned this: according to him, the creation of fully domestic devices, receiving equipment, solutions using at mission control centers, space communication centers, as well as coding, anti–interference and precise point positioning systems are priorities of the ICC. "Today, the share of import substitution in the satellite sector reaches about 60%, our industry is a leader in this indicator in the field of communications," said General Director of the enterprise. Thus, manufacturers of equipment and devices completely abandon the import of electronic components: 65% of devices and components were replaced in the platform, and 91% in the payload.

Alexey Volin also noted the benefits of the ICC format itself for solving the problems of the industry.

"When the Industrial Competence Center was created in 2022, the participants agreed among themselves to go beyond the narrow framework of the formal procedure for discussing tasks. In our understanding, the ICC is the headquarters for the promising development of space telecommunications, where companies exchange opinions with each other. We also realized that we, as market participants, need ready-made technological solutions, therefore, within the framework of the ICC, we mostly discuss either hardware and software complexes or ready-made equipment. In addition, communication within the framework of the ICC is usually much broader than what is noted in the project passport," summed up the Director General of RSCC.