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Who made satellites fly: photo exhibition of the RSCC about specialists developing the Russian satellite industry has opened in Dubna

On July 4, the opening of the photo exhibition of RSCC entitled "People who taught satellites to fly" took place in Dubna. The exposition is located opposite the cultural center "Mir" within the framework of the art object "Solar System" on the Mendeleevskaya waterfront of this science city. The main characters of the project are specialists in the field of space telecommunications, who provide reliable, uninterrupted communication in Russia and abroad day after day.

The grand opening was held with the participation of Alexey Volin, General Director of the RSCC, and Maxim Tikhomirov, head of the Dubna city district.

"Any industry is driven forward and developed by people with extensive experience and the ability to find non-standard solutions to problems. As part of this photo project, we wanted to show the specialists of RSCC, who work every day to ensure that even in a remote village in the North, in the middle of the ocean and in the air, there is high-quality communication and the Internet. So that people can work, use government and entertainment services and communicate with their loved ones. Every time you turn on the TV or use the Internet, you know that this is also part of our company's contribution. Satellite communications have become a life's work for many of our colleagues, and thanks to them, the industry does not stand still," said Alexey Volin. At the photo exhibition, you can also get acquainted with the ground infrastructure of RSCC involved in the provision of enterprise services.

As part of the opening of the exhibition, the General Director of RSCC gave an interview to the Vecherniy Dmitrov TV company and Dubna TV channel: "When we say that people are our most important capital and achievement, we mean not only RSCC, which manages satellites, but also our partners who design spacecraft and launch them into orbit."

He also explained why Dubna was chosen as the venue for the event. "Dubna embodies what Russia is especially proud of: this is the nuclear power and space industries, which are now well combined and complement each other. Many years of fruitful cooperation have developed between the city and our company, which we will definitely continue further. Next year we plan to hold a large annual meeting of the company's management here, at which we will be glad to see representatives of the administration as guests of honor," Alexey Volin stressed.

Exhibition address: Dubna, Vysotsky Ave., 1A. The event will last until August 15, 2024.

You can view all the posters at the link: https://www.rscc.ru/news/1333/