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The industry before the big leap: The participants of the SATCOMRUS 2024 conference will discuss the development of the satellite industry

On October 3-4, 2024, RSCC is holding the XXIX international conference SATCOMRUS 2024, the main theme of which will be: "The industry before the big leap." The event will take place in Yaroslavl at the Ring Premier Hotel (55 Svobody Street). Representatives of satellite operators, telecom companies and broadcasters, manufacturers of devices and equipment, and government authorities will discuss how the industry will look at a new stage of its development. After a forced pause, which was required by enterprises to review a number of internal processes and supply chains, the Russian industry is gaining momentum again, moving towards a full transition to domestic production and the development of other promising markets.

The participants of the plenary discussion will tell how to effectively replace foreign equipment and software with Russian analogues, modernize the ground infrastructure and build their own hubs. The share of import substitution in the satellite industry has already reached about 60%, which is the highest rate in the field of communications, but this is far from the limit. At the same time, it is important not to limit ourselves to the possibilities of the domestic market and not to abandon cooperation with friendly foreign partners, build new business contacts, strengthen Russia's interests abroad, including with the help of international specialized organizations. Other topics of this session will be the integration of communication systems and cooperation between satellite and cellular operators; the elimination of digital inequality; the trend towards multiorbital constellations.

During the next two sessions, the speakers will discuss the prospects of GEO-satellites for ships, airplanes and helicopters, the details of creating Russian customer equipment, secure delivery of video data, as well as current services and the transformation of the content consumption model. After the business part, the winners of the industry SATCOMRUS AWARDS will be named.

On October 3, within the framework of the conference, a Demo Day of the ICC "Satellite Communications" will be held, at which participants will present the main projects of the specialized Industrial Competence Center and summarize the results of its work for the half-year.

We will be glad to see you among the participants of SATCOMRUS 2024!