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Time of the first ones: RSCC summed up the results of the year at a meeting in Krasnoyarsk

By the end of 2023, Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC) confirmed the status of the No. 1 satellite operator in Russia: the company increased its share in the domestic space telecommunications market by 11% and now occupies 61% of it. The results of the activities of the RSCC for 2023, as well as prospects for 2024, were discussed by the company's management at a meeting in Krasnoyarsk on February 29.

RSCC provides services in 58 countries around the world, ranks 11th among global operators and first in providing services in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. A lot of work was carried out in the LATAM region in 2023: the number of Brazilian TV channels broadcast with the help of RSCC satellites was increased to 9 in the South American market and 4 radio channels were also added. In general, the loading of the operator's spacecraft has increased by 10% over the year, now the fill rate of satellite constellation is around 85%.

During the meeting, specialists of RSCC discussed the characteristics of a promising orbital constellation of RSCC, which would meet modern trends in the industry.

"We are systematically working to reduce prices for the spacecraft, following the general trend and market requirements. It is also planned to install inter—satellite communication line equipment on a number of new spacecraft of the enterprise, which will ensure greater security of space communications," said Alexey Volin, General Director of RSCC. In addition, a universal domestic encoding system is being tested. It could replace foreign analogues for all satellite TV operators.

The issue of eliminating digital divide in the country was also raised during the session: with the help of RSCC, residents of 80 small and remote settlements can already use high-quality communications and the Internet, this year it is planned to connect about 50 more.

The crews of 507 ships (which is about 40% of the market) also use the company’s services. Moreover, last year, commercial operation of Russia's first unmanned ferry General Chernyakhovsky began in the Baltic Sea.

Among the tasks that the company faces in 2024 are work on the construction of the Express—AMU4 satellite, the formation of the future RSCC satellite constellation, modernization of the RSCC ground infrastructure, import substitution of software and testing of new domestic equipment. The company will also continue to expand its business in new geographical markets with a focus on Africa and the introduction of the innovative projects in the domestic satellite communications market.

Within the framework of the meeting, specialists of RSCC visited the branch of the enterprise — the Zheleznogorsk Space Communications Center, as well as the RESHETNEV JSC, where they discussed the ongoing construction of the Express-AMU4 satellite and other topical issues of joint work in 2024.