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Alexey Babeshko became Head of Khabarovsk SCC, and Viktor Kovalenko became Council to the Director General

Alexey Babeshko was appointed as the new director of the Khabarovsk Satellite Communications Centre, a branch of RSCC. He previously served as deputy director of SCC and chief engineer of the unit. Viktor Kovalenko, who previously headed the SCC, now holds the position of Council to the Director General of the company.

"The establishment of Khabarovsk SCC, its whole life is connected with Viktor Vasilievich, it is his big brainchild, to which he devoted a lot of effort. Alexey Valerievich, who has been working at the SCC for almost 20 years, has put no less work into the development of the Center. I would like to congratulate both colleagues on these appointments and wish them lots of success," said Alexey Volin at the ceremonial event.

Victor Kovalenko was also awarded the title "Master of Communications" by the order of the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, Maksut Shadaev. The Director General of Russian Satellite Communications Company personally congratulated the new council on this award.

After the awarding Alexey Volin, Alexei Babeshko and Viktor Kovalenko visited the Alley of Memory, which was planted in the spring of 2023 in honor of those who died during the Great Patriotic War.

Khabarovsk Satellite Communications Centre was founded in 2004 and provides on-air and satellite TV broadcasting to the Far East, VSAT-network operation, including Ka-band, maritime communication, as well as control of the enterprise's satellite operation in the eastern arc of the geostationary orbit.