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ICC guards technological independence: by the end of 2024, RSCC plans to completely switch to domestic IT solutions

Under current conditions, it is very important to replace foreign developments with reliable domestic analogues, and Russian companies succeed in this. Alexey Volin, Director General of RSCC, Chairman of the Satellite Communications ICC, spoke about this at the Demo Day of the Satellite Communications Industrial Competence Center. The event took place on 28 September in Astrakhan as part of the XXVIII international conference “SATCOMRUS 2023: Satellite Communications. A Look to the Future”.

Alexey Volin told what projects Russian satellite companies were currently working on. One of them deals with the creation of domestic payloads. According to him, as part of the development of the PL for the promising Express-AMU4 spacecraft, the emphasis was placed on the introduction of flexible technologies and digital solutions.

It is also necessary to create domestic equipment for Space Communications Centers and Flight Control Centers: as stated by the Director General of RSCC, the company has begun to re-equip two such centers.

In addition, the Chairman of the Satellite Communications ICC specifically mentioned the project for the precise point positioning and the creation of a hardware and software complex for analyzing signals in satellite TV broadcasting channels. Pavel Tatarenko, Director of Information Technology at RSCC, in turn, emphasized that by the end of 2024 the company planned to completely switch to domestic IT solutions.

During the Demo Day, several ICC companies spoke about the development of domestic subscriber equipment. RTKomm.RU is actively working in this direction; RESHETNEV JSC has some terminals at the testing stage for vessels, and Research and Production Enterprise “Automated Communication Systems” – for agricultural machinery. Director General of Poseidon LLC Alexander Kim confided that the company had received grant and tax support from the state for the development of domestic terminals.

The event was supported by ANO “Digital Economics”. The Demo Day was attended by large companies and young startups of the satellite industry.