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Prensario: RSCC' flexibility and investment for Brazil and Latin America

The Russian Satellite Communications Company had an important stand at SET Expo in Sao Paulo where it was present with a large team to serve its customers.

This very special post-pandemic year, the Russian satellite is advancing with presences in the region, after having been in Andina Link in Colombia and awaiting its participation in CAPER in Argentina in November.

Prensario was able to speak with General Director Alexey Volin, who highlighted: ‘Latin America is one of the most important regions for us with a large number of homes. With these three fairs in which we will be able to cover and establish a presence in the main markets with the assistance of the television and broadcast industry and also IP viewers, seeing how they shorten the digital divide. At this time we care less about Mexico with its proximity to the United States’.

‘To cover the region we have a large Express AM8 satellite which is at 14 degrees west latitude in C band, with very good coverage of Latin America, and by 2026 we will launch a second satellite, at 11 degrees west latitude, to complete that footprint. It is clear that we are investing in the region’.

About Brazil and SET Expo, he highlighted that they have five Brazilian channels among their clients, it is the largest market with 200 million inhabitants and everything is seen in Portuguese. ‘It’s good to be at the expo to get exposure alongside the other regional satellite companies like Intelsat, Eutelsat and SES, as well as looking for opportunities with our local partners’.

Faced with this competition, he stressed that ‘we have much greater flexibility, and that a decision in RSSC does not take more than half an hour to be made for the benefit of customers, who in other providers face more bureaucracies’.