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Brazilian System Television: RSCC Engineers Finish Technical Works on Satellite Communication Stations in Uberlandia

RSCC operates in the Latin America region via Express-AM8 satellite (14°W) and measuring and monitoring stations in the city of Uberlandia, Brazil. To guarantee high quality and reliability of the satellite services, RSCC engineers conducted diagnostics, setup and calibration of C-band and Ku-band stations in May 2023. The maintenance is scheduled and helps improve the level of RSCC services in Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru.

"The satellite communications market of the Latin America region today is one of the most dynamical ones, with growing demands for satellite capacity for television broadcasting and connectivity of remote and hard-to-reach areas. As estimated by Euroconsult, over the last year the number of satellite communication channels in the region grew by 10%, with all kinds of services on the upside, except for military applications. The highest growth of RSCC services is observed in Brazil, where one of the world's largest TV networks is operating", said Alexey Volin, Director General of RSCC.

The monitoring stations in Uberlandia are the remotest element of the ground-based infrastructure used by RSCC. "The teleport ensures the monitoring of transponders of the Latin American beam of our Express-AM8 satellite, allowing RSCC to work on two continents: South and North Americas. The company plans to expand its footprint in the region with the launch of its new spacecraft, Express-AMU4, in 11°W", added Alexey Volin.

In 2022, the company got the license to provide services via the Express-AM8 spacecraft in the Andean region, which includes Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.