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Going our own way: RSCC chief Alexey Volin speaks about import phaseout in satellite communications

"Russian users should be able to satisfy their needs with the help of Russian satellites built at Russian enterprises. They should also get the whole variety of services that the foreign companies who have left the Russian market used to offer," said Alexey Volin, Director General of RSCC and chairman of the Satellite Communications Industry Competence Center, at the session of the interdepartmental committee on the use of space business results in the interests of the social and economic development of Russia, which was held by Roscosmos in Tula on May 18.

By an order of RSCC, a fully domestic Express-AMU4 satellite is under construction at the moment. A cooperation of 18 Russian suppliers is working on its creation. For the first time ever, a concept with one of digital transponders will be implemented at the AMU4.

The enterprise is also putting a lot of funds into the reorganization of the ground infrastructure, including teleports and the RSCC spacecraft mission control center (MCC). Technical solutions have been selected to adapt the ground infrastructure to the Russian software products. A totally Russian MCC is also being created.

In the framework of the Satellite Communications industry competence center, a high-precision positioning project is actively developed, which has already passed the tests on agricultural machinery and demonstrated the coordinate-finding accuracy of 3 cm in static and 8 cm in motion. "The domestic high-precision positioning service is working via RSCC satellites, AT1 and AT2, which cover the whole territory of Russia. It will be used for the automation of the processes to manage agricultural machines and also for the soil mapping and for the monitoring of fields. This solution is also suitable for the automation of the vessel management processes", explained Alexey Volin.

According to the RSCC Director General, the industry competence center is also developing domestic VSAT systems and creating Russian solutions for the coding of television and audio/visual signals.