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Advanced Television: RSCC’s Express-103 satellite enters service

The new communication satellite is designed to provide digital TV and radio broadcasting, high-speed Internet access and data transmission. It also provides maritime VSAT and in-flight connectivity services in Russia and abroad.

“Express-103 satellite will replace Express-AM33 spacecraft in the 96.5 E slot, providing satellite communications services in the eastern regions of Russia and in Southeastern Asia. As a result, the launch of Express-103 satellite is seen as a significant potential enhancement in the quality and reliability of the services. Importantly, Express-103 satellite will ensure an almost total coverage of the Northern Sea Route,” said Yuri Prokhorov, RSCC Acting General Director.

Express-103 spacecraft was launched into a geostationary orbit from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on July 31st 2020. The satellite was manufactured by the leading Russian enterprise in the rocket and space industry – JSC ISS Reshetnev Company in collaboration with its European partner, Thales Alenia Space. The Express-103 service life is 15 years.

Today RSCC runs Russia’s largest orbital constellation, which consists 12 GEO satellites operating in the C-, Ku-, Ka- and L-bands. The orbital constellation is located on an arc of a geostationary orbit from 14 degrees west to 140 degrees east, enabling RSCC to provide services to clients in 58 countries on all continents.