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Khabarovsk Center

The Khabarovsk SCC, a branch of the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), has been operating since 2004 and it is the largest advanced teleport in the Russian Far East.

The Khabarovsk SCC specializes in arranging the satellite communication channels and television and radio broadcasting, VSAT communications networks. The SCC qualified staff is constantly trained and always ready to solve a wide range of problems in the high-tech and knowledge-intensive telecommunications field, which the satellite communications belong.


The Khabarovsk Satellite Communications Centre (SCC), a branch of the Russian Satellite Communications Company was established in 2004.

At first, the task of the Khabarovsk SCC was to arrange communication channels instead of tropospheric radio and relay lines withdrawn from operation. The technical facilities were represented by a container-type engineering building and a domestically produced earth satellite communications station TNA-7 (7 meters). Operation was carried out via the Horizon satellite at 140° East. The ground channels were provided via Rostelecom OJSC FOCLs.

With commissioning of the Express-AM3 spacecraft in the position of 140° East in 2005, the Khabarovsk SCC started digital broadcasting of a package of TV and radio programs for the broadcasting zone A since August 30, 2005.

Later in March 2006, broadcasting of television and radio programs for two broadcasting zones A and B covering the entire territory of the Far East and a part of Eastern Siberia was arranged at the Khabarovsk SCC.

Networks of small VSAT stations operate based on the Khabarovsk SCC. Central stations of the networks serve as a control and switching station, which computers determine the parameters of signals emitted by each peripheral station.

A group of specialists is headquartered in the Khabarovsk SCC providing operation and maintenance of peripheral ground stations of VSAT networks, as well as antennas and power amplifiers of the ground satellite communications stations. The group is ready at any time to establish communication at any point in the service area of the RSCC spacecraft.