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Express-AM6 satellite launch countdown
  • 25.12.2014

    VGTRK’s Digital TV now available in the Far East

    As of today, VGTRK’s thematic channels (My Planet, Sport 1, Russkiy Roman (soap), Mult, and others) are available to residents of the entire Far Eastern region including Sakhakin, Kamchatka, and Chukotka. Starting on 24 December 2014, the Russian Express-АТ2 satellite (140˚E) has begun transmitting the 17 channels of VGTRK’s «Digital TV».

  • 18.12.2014

    VGTRK and RSCC have agreed to transfer transmission of digital channels from international to domestic satellites

    As of January 2015, RSCC-owned new Russian satellites, Express-АТ1 (56E) and Express-АТ2 (140E), will be used to transmit all digital channels of VGTRK, including its 20-channel package (My Planet, Sport 1, Russkiy Roman (soap), etc.).