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Ground infrastructure

Shabolovka Technical Center Satellite Communications Centers

Shabolovka Center

Shabolovka Technical Center (TC) is a subdivision of RSCC located in the center of Moscow. TC is a fiber-optic switching center, that connects all RSCC satellite communication centers to international switching centers in Moscow.

The TC major operations:
  • Operation of satellite communication ground segment, transmission lines and channelizers to deliver telecommunication signals to RSCC satellite communication centers.
  • Setting-up of communication channels and digital communication channels; generation, configuration and switching thereof to meet the required parameters and to ensure signal routing.
  • Operation and maintenance of physical circuits, channelizers, cable infrastructure of RSCC communication networks;
  • Operation and management of RSCC communication networks, as well as telephone and computer networks.
RSCC has extensive fiber-optic network:
  • Shabolovka TC - MTS-5, 155 Mbps;
  • Shabolovka TC - MTS-10, 622 Mbps;
  • Shabolovka TC - Switching Center, 622 Mbps;
  • Shabolovka TC - Dubna SCC, 622 Mbps;
  • Shabolovka TC- Bear Lakes SCC, 622 Mbps.
Shabolovka TC capabilities enable RSCC to keep customers connected to Moscow service providers via satellites and Earth Stations of Satellite Communications Centers.