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Ground infrastructure

Shabolovka Technical Center Satellite Communications Centers

Zheleznogorsk Center

Zheleznogorsk satellite communications center (SCC) is a subsidiary of RSCC and was founded in April, 2004 on the base of Scientific-Technical Company Persey as a pivotal point of RSCC Eastern satellite fleet. 

Zheleznogorsk SCC possesses engineering systems that enable to control and monitor communications satellites in the positions from 32 East to 154 East. It also allows to perform acceptance trials and monitor C- and Ku-bands payload of RSCC satellites, provide government communications in Eastern Region of the Russian Federation, and organize satellite communication channels for Siberia.

Automatized monitoring and orbital metrology system is deployed within the context of designing and launching Express-AM satellites and enables to monitor five Express-A and Express-AM satellites simultaneously.

 Supplementary satellite control centre provides services to control satellites on all stages after launching, and also supports Eutelsat satellite control center in the case of Sesat's of-optimum situations.