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Ground infrastructure

Shabolovka Technical Center Satellite Communications Centers

Bear Lakes Center

The Satellite Communications Center (SCC) Bear Lakes – a  subsidiary of the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) – was founded in 1967.  At present, the SCC  Bear Lakes is one of the largest teleports in Russia.

Technical specs

  • 14 stations

    receiving and transmitting satellite communications E/S

    with antennas from 5 to 16 meters certified for operation with Intelsat and Eutelsat systems, that enabling the communications channels to be established via Russian and foreign telecommunications satellites located on CEO from 14 West to 103 East.

  • 2 lines

    separate fiber optic communications lines

    each 622 Mbpc, working in backup mode secure a reliable connection between the object and the RSCC Program Generation Center situated at Shabolovka and allow the SCC Bear Lakes to be connected to each signal source in Moscow through the Shabolovka Technical Center.

  • 1 line

    a fiber optic communications line

    between the SCC Bear Lakes and the city of Shcholkovo which enabled establishing communications channels with the main objects of the city (Administration, TsentrTelecom, SKS Ozerov, etc,).

  • 4 feeders

    high-voltage feeders

    Within the period of the SCC Bear Lakes operation, a powerful energy power supply system has been developed: four high-voltage feeders, 2 x 10 kV and 2 x 6 kV secure the backup power supply of the object. To guarantee the operation of the technological equipment, the SCC Bear Lakes has been equipped with a trouble free power supply system of 550 kW total power. In case of emergency, the power supply of the object can be secured during 3 days from the separate diesel power station BAM-500.

A special place in the RSCC structure has been given to the Backup Compression Center (BCC). This Center has to provide broadcasting of Federal TV&Radio programs in case of emergency in the Main Compression Center at Shabolovka.

On the territory of the Center, there is a 48 meter high radio relay tower which enables establishing relay communications channels with the Ostankino TV Center as well as deploying systems of other communications types.

High skilled professionals tutored and trained at MCL, Miteq, Andrew, ECI and Thomson are employed at SCC Bear Lakes.

The advanced equipment at the SCC, established contacts and close co-operation with the manufacturers of equipment, a set of services on establishing satellite communications channels  allow the SCC Bear Lakes to successfully co-operate with the leading companies in the TV and telecommunications service field as well as to provide high quality and reliable state TV&Radio broadcasting on the territory of the Russian Federation.