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Ground infrastructure

Shabolovka Technical Center Satellite Communications Centers

Skolkovo Center

Skolkovo satellite communications center was established in October 2003. At present it comprises modern high-tech facilities to provide digital satellite broadcasting. Its main function is to broadcast national and foreign TV and radio programs via DTH broadcasting satellites Bonum-1 (56 East) and Eutelsat W4 (36 East) across Eastern Europe, Ural and Siberia.

Digital packing and program transmitting center distributes TV and radio programs to ground stations of on-air switching networks, head ends of cable networks and public receiving plants. 

Direct broadcasting satellites are also used to simulcast data. At present RSCC has implemented a project for data transmission for Russian Ministry of Education (Internet access for rural schools), commercial Internet access is organized via Eutelsat W4 satellite. 

Fiber optic network connects Skolkovo SCC with Ostankino TV Centre.

Bonum-1 satellite control center is organized at Skolkovo SCC. It enables to control and monitor several spacecraft on the basis of HS376 platform. At present RSCC carries out a project for deployment the control center for small satellites. Kazakh satellite Kazsat is expected to be the first satellite constructed under this project.