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The project for renovation of RSCC satellite constellation by 2005

Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) in the context of Russian Federal Space Program continues to implement the Project for renovation of national satellite constellation.

In December 2003 Express-AM22 satellite was launched into geostationary orbit. It is the first new-generation spacecraft of Express-AM family. On March 9, 2004 the satellite went into operation at orbital position 53E. Express-AM22 satellite carries 24 transponders (54 MHz) of Ku-frequency band. It provides telecommunication services for the territory of Russia (from Kaliningrad to Ural), CIS countries, Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Express-AM11 satellite was launched into geostationary orbit at 96,5E on April 27, 2004. The spacecraft went into operation on July 1, 2004. Express-AM11 carries 26 C-band transponders (36MHz) and 4 Ku-band transponders (54 MHz). The satellite coverage reaches the population of Russia, Middle East and Asia. Two stearable beams of the spacecraft allows to provide modern telecommunication services to Russia, CIS countries, and the territory from East coast of Africa to South-East Asia and Australia.

According to General schedule for Express-AM project three more Express-AM satellites are to launched into geostationary orbit by the end of 2005: Express-AM1 (40E), Express-AM2 (80E), and Express-AM3 (140E).

The mission of new satellites is digital broadcasting, telephony, data transmission, broadband Internet access. Ku-band transponders with improved power characteristics enable to deploy VSAT-networks, integrate and develop governmental and corporate networking, and provide a wide spectrum of multimedia services in one package.

Besides the Project for design and launching 5 Express-AM satellites by the end of 2005 RSCC develops a long-term program for renovation of satellite constellation. Taking into consideration market development trends, RSCC experts in cooperation with leading telecommunications and space designers work on technical characteristics of the satellites planned to be launched in 2007-2010.

The implementation of the Program for renovation of RSCC satellite constellation enables RSCC to defend Russian frequency in-orbit resource on the international level and enlarge greatly the spectrum of provided telecommunications services in Russia and many countries in the world.