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Project to Provide Digital Movie Delivery via Satellite Lines to Theaters in Russia and CIS

The Russian Space Communications Company together with CineLab Data Delivery, a CineLab Group Company announced the launch of a project envisaging the delivery of digital movies via satellite lines to cinema theaters across Russia and the CIS countries (except for the remote Far East areas).

RSCC has offered a comprehensive solution that includes all hardware required for accessing the Internet, content generation, and uplinking this content from the RSCC Dubna Satellite Communication Facility to the Express AM2 satellite stationed at 80 degrees E. CineLab Data Delivery support reception of digital cinema directly by theaters. The data bit rate may be as high as 45 Mbit/sec in this process.

Cinema theaters have been digitized at a rather fast pace in Russia. As of December 1, 2011, about 660 theaters (1332 view rooms) have been equipped with digital projectors according to DIGITAL CINEMA.RU. The trend is apparent of a growth in number of digital copies compared to 35-mm ones. The use of satellite communication lines reduces, to the lowest possible levels, the risks of delivering data and/or content to the cinema theaters network on hard media.

CineLab is one of the first companies who began developing the digital cinema business in Russia: for more than three years they have been offering services such as DCP mastering, fabrication of digital copies, key generation (KDM) and delivery of digital copies to theaters on hard media. The satellite-based delivery system is designed to significantly simplify delivery of digital movies especially when it comes to remote regional theaters in Russia and the CIS. The building of this project around satellite lines is the optimal solution since any attempt to develop a ground communications line runs into problems resulting from the enormous area of this country. As of the start of 2012, the CineLab reception network having no analog in Russia includes as many as 160 stations. The present plan is to install receive stations in all digital cinema theaters in Russia before the end of 2012.