Analogue-to-digital conversion of federal TV&radio broadcasting

On the 16th February 2005, RSCC started All-Russian digital TV & Radio broadcasting via the new Express-AM1 (40E) satellite in the frame of the Federal  stage-by-stage analogue-to-digital conversion program. Up to now the program package was distributed using the Express-A1R satellite. The digital package is packed in the RSCC's Shabolovka Technical Center. It consists of All-Russian TV & Radio programs "Pervy kanal", "Rossiya", "Kultura", "Radio Rossii", "Mayak", and "Yunost".

The new Express-AM1 (40E) is equipped with a special high-powered transponder No 6 allowing digital broadcasting of All-Russian TV & Radio programs across European part of Russia, the Ural, Eastern Siberia, CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa. Thus, Express-AM1 provides for a stable coverage of the European part of Russia and the Ural. At present the digital federal programs are available practically on the whole territory of the Russian Federation, in the "V", "B", and "A" broadcasting zones the broadcasting is carried out via the new Express-AM11 satellite (96.5E). Broadcasting across the north-eastern part of Russia is provided by the Gorizont satellite (145E).

The digital broadcasting is organized in the frame of the interdepartmental "Decree on stage-by-stage modernization of satellite distribution TV/radio broadcasting networks "Ekran", "Moskva", "Orbita", Moskva-Globalnaya" based on digital technology". At present the orbital satellite constellation and the ground infrastructure of RSCC are completely prepared for digital broadcasting on the whole territory of Russia.