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Zheleznogorsk Satellite Control Center took part in the development project in the city public recreation park

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As part of the city-wide project "Give the Park a Bench", the staff of Zheleznogorsk Satellite Control Center (SCC) installed a bench with memorable plates on the Wisdom Alley of the public park named for Sergey Kirov.

One of the plates marks the 50th anniversary of RSCC, the other features a quotation from the founder of theoretical cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, namely: "What is impossible today will be possible tomorrow." The ceremony of opening the bench took place on the Day of the City of Zheleznogorsk.


“One’s love for the city is manifested through a caring and considerate attitude to it, and through good deeds. I am very happy and grateful to the residents for the many good traditions and initiatives that enjoy wide support”, said the head of Zheleznogorsk City Administration Vadim Medvedev. “A gift in the form of a bench to the favorite public park is an excellent opportunity to reaffirm your love for the city.”


Participation in the project “Give the Park a Bench” is open to any organization or resident of Zheleznogorsk wishing to leave good memory of themselves on the territory of the main public recreation facility. Thus, in the autumn of 2016, the ‘Wisdom Benches’ were installed in the Park by City Administration of Zheleznogorsk and ISS Reshetnev Company".