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Zheleznogorsk satellite communications center (SCC) and the City Children’s Art School have chosen the winner of the drawing competition “RSCC: 50 Years on the Orbit”

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As part of the events arranged to celebrate the Russian Satellite Communications Company’s jubilee, the Children’s Art School of Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk region) and Zheleznogorsk SCC announced, at the beginning of October 2017, a children’s drawing competition on the theme of “RSCC: 50 Years on the Orbit”. The purpose of the competition is to draw the attention of young talents to the achievements in space exploration and development of space communications, to the professions connected with the creation and operation of spacecraft and to their popularization among the young. Excursions to Zheleznogorsk SCC were arranged for the competition participants where they could learn about the company’s work. The results of the competition were announced on the day before the celebration of the RSCC’s birthday – 4 November 2017. The competitions winners received, during a gala ceremony, their diplomas and gifts. All the participants also received recognition letters.