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Yu. V. Prokhorov, RSCC Chief Executive Officer, is commended by the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

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On October 28, 2015, Chief Executive Officer, FSUE Russian Satellite Communications Company, Yu. V. Prokhorov received a letter of commendation for long standing excellent service and a great contribution to the development of information technologies and communications in the Russian Federation from the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

The team of the Russian Satellite Communications Company offers Yury V. [Valentinovich] Prokhorov their wishes on his anniversary year and their appreciation of the high mark of his services to the industry!


Background Information:

Yu. V. Prokhorov has an over 30 years’ experience in the satellite communications industry to his credit. Upon graduation from the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation Yuri V. [Valentinovich] has come a long way from an engineer at the Kometa Central Scientific Research Institute to the head of the satellite systems department at M. V. Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center to Chief Executive Officer, Russian Satellite Communications Company.

He led the work to build and operate modern telecommunications systems for the space industry (including at the Baikonur and Plesetsk Cosmodromes) and to build airborne transponders for small communications spacecraft. He headed the effort to create and operate the Russian segment of the Iridium global satellite-based personal communication service.

Yu. V. Prokhorov is a member of the Governmental Commission on Communications and Broadcasting Development and a member of the State Commission for Flight Tests of Public, Research and Commercial Spacecraft.

He holds the title of 'Merited Test Pilot of Spacecraft'.

He is the author of a number of publications and articles on the strategic development of satellite communications and broadcasting in Russia.

Since 2008, Yu. V. Prokhorov has been employed by FSUE Russian Satellite Communications Company.  During his employment, he has been part of feasibility studies on the system and technical requirements for the national orbital constellation build-up of communications and broadcasting satellites for civilian applications for scheduled periods until 2015 and 2025. Yu. V.  Prokhorov supervised the work to build and prepare launches of Express-AM4/MD2/4R space vehicles; to build and prepare launches of and flight-test and put into service the Express-AM5/6/AT1/AT2/AM7/AM8 space vehicles; to finalize work on the Express-AMU1 space vehicle. During 2012 – 2015, Yu. V. Prokhorov has been directly involved in and led the way for launching into orbit and putting into service communications and broadcasting spacecraft that are currently providing a superior level of satellite communications, television and radio broadcasting services across the Russian Federation.