“The Voice of Satellite Industry”: RSCC organizing a series of video interviews with international experts

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Since June 2020 RSCC has started a series of video interviews with leading international experts. The series called “The Voice of Satellite Industry” is being organized in partnership with the Intersputnik Operating Committee. The main topics of the discussion are current issues of the satellite communications industry at a global scale.

The first participants in the video interview were Mohamed Jama, Chairman of the Board of Dalkom Somalia and Head of WIOCC Bird, as well as Viktor Strelets, Chair of the 4th Study Group of the ITU Satellite Service. The guests were interviewed by Andrey Kirillovich, Director of the RSCC Integration Services and Integrated Projects Department. The main topic discussed with Mr. Mohamed Jama was overall and regional industry trends at the African satellite communications market. In his interview, Viktor Strelets dwelt on the topic which is a burning issue for operators regarding the release of part of the C-band to boost 5G networks in various regions of the world. He also touched on the prospects of low-orbit projects and the specifics of their coordination with geostationary networks.

The plan is to make regular such meetings with representatives and experts of the international industry community in the “Voice of the satellite industry” series of video interviews. Follow the news on the RSCC the website of and in the newsletter

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