VGTRK’s Digital TV now available in the Far East

As of today, VGTRK’s thematic channels (My Planet, Sport 1, Russkiy Roman (soap), Mult, and others) are available to residents of the entire Far Eastern region including Sakhakin, Kamchatka, and Chukotka. Starting on 24 December 2014, the Russian Express-АТ2 satellite (140˚E) has begun transmitting the 17 channels of VGTRK’s «Digital TV».

«On the eve of New Year holidays, residents of the Far East have obtained access to high-quality Russian TV channels. It was not possible in the past for technical reasons, but with the launch of a new satellite we can ensure a virtually 100% availability of the channels to cable TV operators», says Dmitry Mednikov, VGTRK deputy general director for digital technologies.

ABS-2, a non-RF satellite, was originally used to transmit such popular “Digital TV” channels as My Planet, Science 2.0, History, Sport 1, Fight Club, Russkiy Roman (soap), Russian Bestseller, Russian Crime Story, and Mult, the leader of children’s TV-viewing. However, VGTRK and RSCC have recently agreed that, as part of import substitution, the above channels will be transferred to Russia’s new satellites, Express-АТ1 and Express-АТ2, ensuring nearly total coverage of the Russian territory.

«This project which VGTRK and RSCC are implementing jointly is very important for the development of Russia’s Far East. We are working to secure equal access to the information environment for the residents of the region, including TV. I am confident that in 2015 the Express-АТ2 satellite (140˚ E) will transmitting more channels that viewers like, and users will enjoy equal TV-viewing opportunities across all regions of the Russian Federation», say Yuri Prokhorov, RSCC general director.

The Express-АТ2 satellite was designed and is operated at 140˚ E specifically for advancing accessible TV and radio broadcasting services in the Far East. A convenient orbital slot coupled with the satellite’s performance characteristics make it possible for regional cable and satellite operators to significantly reduce their equipment costs, and provide high-quality TV services. With its high-power transponders, the Express-АТ2 satellite ensures ideal conditions for TV penetration throughout the territory of Russia’s East.

To receive TV broadcasting in the Far East, one needs a 60cm dish. The TV and radio programming is downlinked from the Express-АТ2 satellite by the Russian company called STV.