There IS Room for RSCC in the African Satellite Communications Market

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On 27 May, 2013, as part of SatCom Africa 2013 (Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa), a conference was held on the prospects and issues facing the development of satellite-supported telecommunications in the African region. The Conference was attended by RSCC specialists.

Representative of Russia, USA, Australia, France, Luxemburg, Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE, and Angola discussed possibilities for developing commmunications    services in Africa on the basis of GEO and MEO satellites. The speakers noted that advancement of high-tech products in the African market needs serious support of the countries that provide the space segment capacity. Unfortunately, in Africa today skilled engineers and technicians are scarce, which considerably hampers implementation of such major drivers behind communications services growth in Africa as government programs in education and distance medicine.

Assessing the potential of global satellite operators for involvement in Africa a representative of Global VSAT Forum (USA) referred to RSCC as being among the leading companies that are focused on providing cutting-edge communications services to the end-user. Among other things, it was noted that RSCC is a high-technology Russian company that provides global coverage and, alongside such majors of the US market as Hughes, is actively developing and promoting the Ка-band to expand the product line of communications services, broadcasting and broadband access.