The theme is “Outer Space is Around the Corner”: The Zheleznogorsk SCC holds a children's drawing competition

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To mark the 15th anniversary of the Zheleznogorsk Space Communications Center (SCC), a branch of the RSCC, the children's art school of Zheleznogorsk organized a children's drawing competition on the theme of "Outer Space is Around the Corner."

The turnout of young artists aged 7 to 16 years was impressive. The plain air works were done on the Zheleznogorsk SCC site. At the closing ceremony, the winners and participants of the competition were presented with letters of appreciation and gifts from the SCC.

Another event of a series dedicated to the anniversary was a lecture on satellite communications delivered to students of the Zheleznogorsk “School of Space science” by Vadim Zhukov, the chief engineer - deputy director of the Zheleznogorsk SCC.