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Sviaz-Expocomm-2013 Is Over. RSCC Active in Expo Events and Business Program

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On May 14-17, 2013, RSCC and Eutelsat and RBC-TV, working from their joint stand, for the first time demonstrated satellite-supported broadband and digital broadcasting communications services using the new Ka-band.

At an open-air site of the ExpoCentre in Moscow, RSCC and Eutelsat and RBC-TV company deployed a mobile satellite-supported studio (Fly & Drive Away) from which an RBC-TV business channel team was providing hourly live shows, featuring special reportage and interviews. The mobile unit was using Ka-band satellite channels for TV signal retransmissions and on-line appearances. Thanks to the Eutelsat-provided capacity and well-coordinated efforts of RSCC specialists and RBC-TV correspondents, a multi-million audience of Russian viewers was able to follow in real time the ExpoComm highlights and interviews with the leaders of domestic telecom industry.

Satellite communications specialists developed a solution for signal retransmission and live coverage based on VSAT technology, supporting operations of several teams of reports who worked concurrently and used one and the same Fly & Drive Away complex for internet access, TV broadcasting and voice communications.

In the words of RBC-TV specialists, for a TV channel that serves business audiences it was very interesting not only to familiarize themselves and their viewers with current developments in the industry of telecommunications, including satellite communications, but also test cutting-edge technology in the process of reporting.

The Fly & Drive Away complex includes the antenna system, power amplifier, channeling equipment, switching and monitoring equipment, support and power supply equipment. The complex uses a 76cm Tooway antenna that operates via the European KaSat satellite.

Eutelsat Regional Vice-President Nikolai Orlov says:”Ka-Sat was launched by Eutelsat in 2010 to the 9°E slot. The satellite transmission capacity in Ка-band is 90 Gbs, which equals approximately 40 standard satellites operating in Кu-band. Eleven (of 82) high-power beams cover the territory of Russia partially or completely. Broadband access services for private individuals and legal entities are provided jointly with RSCC and Russian partners. Such services are in high demand in the regions which are off limits for ADSL and 4G networks. In late 2015 there will be a new tenant, Eutelsat 36C/AMU1, in the 36°E orbital slot, making the КА-band capacity available throughout all of European Russia.”

Satellite communications in combination with new telecommunications technologies, as well as the use of equipment with enhanced user properties create unique conditions for efficient government administration, business and creative pursuits. The RSCC-offered solutions in satellite-supported broadband access may be used for developing convergent networks and information-communication infrastructure in various segments of the economy across the country, including remote and hard-to-reach areas.

Assessing the results of RSCC efforts at the ExpoComm, RSCC General Director Yuri Prokhorov said:”Satellite communications are always geared to individual human needs. Our customers today want their information to be immediately available to the audiences anywhere and at any time, and RSCC stands ready to offer affordable solutions to private individuals and regional TV companies for distribution of their news. Already at this stage, the price of a Ка-band set is comparable to that of a smartphone, while satellite communications channels are comparable in price with mobile. With the advent of next-generation Express-AM5 and Express-AM6 satellites, our plan is to increase the presence of satellite-supported broadband access and make it available practically anywhere across the Russian territory.”

RSCC is continually working on the expansion of the VSAT product line. At the ExpoComm, RSCC has exhibited a hardware/software complex for mobile vehicles, intended for a broad range of communications services, monitoring and tracking, inter-satellite roaming, etc.

The joint exhibit of RSCC, Eutelsat and RBC-TV was visited by Federal Communications Agency Head O.G.Dukhovnitsky, and his Deputy I.N.Chursin.