Staying connected: Alexander Avdeyev, Governor of Vladimir Region, and Alexey Volin, General Director of RSCC, have talks at Vladimir satellite communications station

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This Thursday, Alexey Volin, General Director of RSCC, and Alexander Avdeyev, Governor of the Vladimir Region, met in the premises of the Vladimir satellite communications station, a branch of RSCC. They discussed how satellite telecommunications helped to provide connectivity in the region and what promising projects RSCC had been implementing.

Telecommunication services are in very high demand in the region: according to statistics, only in 2021 the proportion of residents of the Vladimir region who use the World Wide Web passed the mark of 90%. The important role of satellite communications in the development of the region was also noted by the region's governor Alexander Avdeyev. Fiber optic communications are well developed in large cities, but getting in touch with relatives and friends or getting access to all necessary services in remote or hard-to-reach localities is still possible by satellite only.


At the same time, residents of 81.4% of the Earth's territory can receive communication and Internet services with the help of 12 RSCC satellites. Alexey Volin spoke about the company's recent plans to expand its television broadcasting services.


He also spoke about promising projects being implemented by the company: delivery of mail using drones, unmanned ship navigation and high-precision positioning. An agreement was reached on the possibility of using the scientific potential of the region for these and other projects of RSCC.


After the meeting, the governor of the Vladimir region visited all the facilities and evaluated the high technical level of the Vladimir satellite communication station. The station is now one of the oldest working teleports in the world.