The staff of the RSCC grieves over the death of Mark I. Krivosheev

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On October 15, 2018, in the 97th year of his life, an outstanding Soviet and Russian scientist, the creator of modern digital television passed away.

Mark Iosifovich Krivosheev is one of the best-known Russian scientists in the world in the field of television technology. In 1948, he first broadcast signals of the highest quality television image of the time - the 625-line standard. In 1962, M.I. Krivosheev led the development of the television complex for the satellite communications system called Molniya ("Lightning"). In 1980, he headed the development of a television complex to transmit signals from the Olympics-80. Mark Iosifovich was also most successful in international activities. Under his leadership, the 11th Study Group (IC) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) developed more than 150 international recommendations for TV broadcasting, many of which have become de facto international standards in the industry.

In many respects, precisely due to his outstanding success and dedicated work, digital multi-program television has become technically accessible today to practically all population of Russia all over its vast territory. M.I. Krivosheev was an active participant in almost all significant projects that are recognized as landmarks in the advancement of the television industry technology in our country.

The RSCC team will always remember Mark Iosifovich as a kind and responsive person, a bright and talented engineer and visionary, whose personality scale is comparable with that of engineer Shukhov and designer Korolev. In his numerous works, which M.I. Krivosheev pursued until the last days of his life, the scientist was way ahead of his time, predicting the era of multifunctional digital TV broadcasting, based on the principles of “everywhere and always”, “for all” and “for each one”.