Specialists of the Khabarovsk Space Communication Center held a tour for schoolchildren

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On February 14, 2019, a guided tour was held at the Khabarovsk Space Communication Center (SCC) for a group of students of the Khabarovsk Municipal Autonomous Institution of Additional Education “Center for Extracurricular Activities “Planet of Growing Up”. The Khabarovsk SCC, a branch of the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), has been operating since 2004 and today it is the largest teleport in the Russian Far East.

During the guided tour, the students got acquainted with the activities of RSCC and the tasks solved by the Khabarovsk SCC, with its infrastructure, antenna complexes and equipment. A network of small VSAT stations operates at the CCS. Central stations of the networks serve as a control and switching station, whose computers determine the parameters of signals emitted by each peripheral station.   VSAT networks play an important role in solving state tasks for the organization of broadband communication with the participation of RSCC. For example, a VSAT network has been deployed to communicate with sea fishing vessels in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan.

Schoolchildren also learned about the role of RSCC and Khabarovsk SCC in the digitalization of Russian television and radio broadcasting: Khabarovsk SCC broadcasts TV and radio programs on the territory of the Far East and Eastern Siberia.