Special Project “Immortal Regiment of RSCC” to Start on the Corporate Website

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In the run-up to celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and in support of the All-Russian Movement in commemoration of those events, Russian Satellite Communications Company launches a special page “Immortal Regiment of Russian Satellite Communications Company” on its corporate website.

The page will comprise the photographs and information about the Heroes of those years. The authors of the stories will be the company’s employees, who will tell about the acts of heroism of their relatives, grandfather and great grandfathers.

Each two weeks the Section will be added with new Heroes. Not only front-line soldiers, but also the survivors of siege, Army and Fleet veterans, guerrilla warriors, members of the underground organizations, resistance fighters, homefront workers, prisoners of the concentration camps and the war children may be listed in the Immortal Regiment March of Russian Satellite Communications Company. The Immortal Regiments  of RSCC is a tribute to the memory of our nearest and dearest and of the deep respect for the act of heroism of the multinational Soviet people who won the war.

It is worth reminding that Russian Satellite Communications Company and the distributors of satellite services launch the special campaign “To the 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory”. Learn more: