Sovereignty in Space: Alexey Volin described how RSCC ensured technological independence in the new economic conditions

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On 25 October, at the SPECTR forum in Sochi, General Director of Russian Satellite Communications Company Alexey Volin spoke about the challenges faced by satellite industry and new measures that helped to respond to them.

Despite the fact that the actions taken by foreign partners forced Russian satellite operators and manufacturers to urgently rebuild well-established technological processes and business strategies, they did not come as a complete surprise to RSCC. Back in the autumn of 2021, it became clear that the industry would not do without changes. Thus, RSCC was able to identify possible problems and get ready in a timely manner.

“In the context of emergency and forced import substitution, Russian space communications enterprises faced the need to provide their services to all those who were denied access to foreign satellite constellations, solve the issue of manufacturing new spacecraft, ensure the operation of the Space Communications Centre and Mission Control Centres, and decide on ground equipment, as well as solve problems with foreign software. I can say that we have completed all these tasks,” said Alexey Volin.

However, import substitution is far from the only priority of RSCC.

81.4% of the Earth's territory is in the service area of RSCC satellites. The company will continue to provide high-quality satellite communication and Internet access services to both domestic (primarily backbone and infrastructure) and foreign consumers from all over the world.