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Broadband Access marching on from the East: Khabarovsk and Moscow hosting the 7th All-Russia High-Speed VSAT Assembly Championship

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The Championship was sponsored by the Federal Communications Agency (Rossviaz), the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and National Assembly of Satellite Communications.

The General Sponsor of the VSAT’2014 Championship was, as in the previous years, the Hughes Network Systems (USA) representative office in Russia, while this year’s official sponsors were RTComm (the Rostelecom Group of Companies), Eutelsat and Iskra Design Bureau.

Participating in the Championship were 17 teams from 13 cities in a variety of Russian regions.

This year the Championship was a truly nation-wide event, with teams representing all of Russia, from East to West, from Khabarovsk to the Moscow Region.

The stage for Phase 1 of the Championship was set at Khabarovsk SCC. As part of the event, a workshop, Broadband Access is Marching On from the East, was held. It was dedicated to the new services which RSCC and other satellite operators stand ready to offer to the residents of Siberia and the Far East in the Ka-band using the new Russian Express-АМ5 satellite. Above all, such services include satellite-supported broadband access to Internet. Representatives of RSCC, AltegroSky, Hughes, Istar, and Iskra Design Bureau shared their work results in those areas and offered ready-made solutions and equipment both for business and private users.

The workshop completed, the (Eastern) Phase 1 of the High-Speed VSAT Assembly Championship took place. With five teams participating, three teams from Khabarovsk became winners. The first place in the all-round competition was won by the Sviaz  Montazh DV team (OOO Sviaz  Montazh DV), the second by Dalnevostochny VSAT (ООО Satelcom-LD), the third by the KhabTel team (ZАО Khabarovsk Telecommunications). High professional performance was demonstrated by the following teams: Sputnik-Video (ООО Sputnik-Video, Vladivostok) and Buzz Lighters (Center-Sviaz Engineering Center, Komsomolsk-on-Amur).

Phase 1 over, a telebridge between Khabarovsk and Medvezhyi Ozera was set up using satellite channels, during which minister for information technologies and communications of the Khabarovsk Territory, Pavel Uvarov, passed the relay of the Championship from the Far East to the Moscow Region. At Medvezhyi Ozera the relay was taken over by Igor Chursin, Head of Rossviaz, and Yuri Prokhorov, General Director of RSCC. In their welcome speeches they noted that “the VSAT Championship plays an important part in popularizing satellite communications in Russia and in practical promotion of services based on the new RSCC satellites, including communications, TV and broadband services.

The Championship participants were also greeted by Sergey Pekhterev, CEO, AltegroSky, Evgeny Buidonov, RSCC Deputy General Director for Innovations, Konstantin Lanin, head of the Hughes representative office in Russia and CIS, as well as by representatives of the Championship partners and sponsors.

In (Western) Phase 2 of the Championship at Medvezhyi Ozera SCC, 12 teams participated, representing Saint-Petersburg, Krasnoarmeisk, Nizhni Novgorod, Podolsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Voronezh, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Penza, and Dmitrov.

The all-round competition was won by the following teams:

1st place – NV-Com (ООО NV Com, Nizhnevartovsk)

2nd place – Sky-One Satellite (ООО SkyPlus, Moscow)

3rd place – Volgacomm (ООО Volgacomm, Nizhni Novgorod)

      Prizes in separate events were won by the following teams:

  • Speed VSAT Assembly:

1st place - NV-Com, Nizhnevartovsk, setting a new Championship record - 7 minutes 13 seconds, i.e. 5 seconds up on their 2013 record

2nd place - Sky-One Satellite team, Moscow - 7 minutes 44 seconds

3rd place - Volgacomm team, Nizhni Novgorod - 8 minutes 40 seconds

  • Antenna Adjustment Accuracy:

1st place - AltegroSky Service team, Moscow

2nd place - Volgacomm team, Nizhni Novgorod

3rd place – Surskiye Mastera team, Penza

  • Spead Patchcord and RF cable Fabrication:

1st place - Impulse team, Yaroslavl

2nd place - Sem’ Setey team, Saint-Petersburg  

3rd place - Surskiye Mastera team, Penza

A tour of Medvezhyi Ozera SCC facilities was organized for the Championship guests and the industry media representatives.

More details about  the Championship see at: