Satellite Today: RSCC Refurbishes Equipment at Shabolovka Technical Center

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Russia Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) has completed compression equipment upgrades at its Shabolovka Technical Center in Moscow. The compression system is part of the RSCC’s own technology platform, enabling the company to provide a one-stop shop service to broadcasters.

The platform comprises satellite capacity, radio-electronic facilities of space communication centers, a program package generation complex, and a terrestrial network. Services provided through the RSCC platform are focused primarily on media structures that distribute their content in Russia’s cable television networks.

“RSCC invests in the company’s ground infrastructure to develop value-added services based on complex combined solutions. Thus, we are changing the company’s approach to the provision of services,” said Ksenia Drozdova, RSCC deputy director general for business development.

According to RSCC, the equipment upgrades will give a boost to TV channels’ and media companies’ efforts to more effectively use the orbit-frequency resource, as well as improve the quality of broadcasts without increasing costs.

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