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Satellite safeguarding the technological sovereignty: Alexey Volin, Director General of RSCC, takes part in the signing of the agreement on advanced space systems and services at the Russian Government

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On January 16, RSCC participated in the signing ceremony of an agreement between the Russian Government and the space industry’s leading companies involved in the implementation of the road map "Advanced Space Systems and Services". It is designed to facilitate the creation of domestic constellations of spacecraft and the relevant ground infrastructure.

The agreement was signed by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov, Director General of Roscosmos Yury Borisov, Director General of Russian Satellite Communications Company Alexey Volin, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Vitaly Markelov, President of SITRONICS JSC Nikolay Pozhidaev and other private business representatives, as well as Dmitry Livanov, Rector of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, which is in charge of providing personnel, high-tech developments and research issues.

A substantial scope of the roadmap activities is dedicated to satellite telecommunication services and Earth remote sensing satellites. According to the Russian Government’s website, more than 700 communication vehicles and more than 60 remote sensing satellites are scheduled to be produced and launched in 2023-2030.

On the part of RSCC, the roadmap includes the creation of the Express-AMU4 spacecraft, updates of space communication centers, development of the Russian coding system, and precise point positioning service.

Support for the creation of Russian space systems, including private ones, will help to replace foreign technologies and services, develop new domestic products and form a shared information space in the Russian Federation through a multi-satellite constellation of standardized satellites. For example, RSCC and the Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems with the involvement of a number of Russian companies are already developing Express-AMU4 communications satellite - the first one which will be 100% locally produced.