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Via Satellite: RSCC Boosts Ground Station Capabilities

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Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) will deploy new ground infrastructure facilities within the Dubna Space Communications Center (SCC), the company announced today. Working with fellow satellite operator Eutelsat, these new facilities are designed to provide communication services using Ka-band capacity on the Express-AMU1 satellite, which is located at 36 degree east.

RSCC is responsible for securing access to the satellite segment as well as monitoring the performance of communication channels.

In 2017, RSCC is planning to complete the commissioning of a phase 2 antenna system. As a result, the new station within the SCC Dubna, built to provide services in the Ka-band using the Express-AMU1 satellite and consisting of two antenna systems and the switching station, will ensure the most advanced level of the operator and the customer service, as well as address redundancy issues.