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Satellite communications for social and economic development of territories

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On August 24, 2017, Khabarovsk hosted a Business Dialogue conference on “Satellite Internet: the Far East", at which a constructive exchange took place between members of the business community and the municipal and federal regulating agencies, the subject being the need and prospects for the development of satellite communications in the Far Eastern region of Russia.

The event was attended by Artem Scherbina, Head of the Industry Regulation and Communications Branch of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Khabarovsk Territory; Ilya Krasilnikov, Head of the Department for Informatization and Telecommunications of the Primorsky Territory; and Alexander Yegorov, Head of the Special Projects Department of the Infrastructure Projects Department of the Ministry of Communications of Russia, as well as representatives of the Committee for the Consumer Market, Food and Processing Industry of the Khabarovsk Territory Government and the Federal Tax Administration of the Khabarovsk Territory. The regional business community was represented by telecommunications companies and telecom operators, satellite equipment manufacturers and installers, integrators and vendors. The topics included the issues and specifics of implementing the program for eliminating the digital divide in the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory and Primorye and the role of satellite communication in this process, in particular, the need to develop satellite Internet services using the Ka-band of new Russian satellites and the technology of shared access in remote sparsely populated areas.


Representatives of RSCC spoke at the plenary session of the conference, in the section called "Satellite communications for solving business problems". They also participated in a meeting with representatives of the regulatory and executive bodies of the Khabarovsk and Primorye Territories, at which a presentation was made of satellite solutions for the transfer of data from remote areas to the local and federal supervisory bodies. The participants in the event toured the Khabarovsk Space Communications Center where a demonstration was arranged of the use of space and ground infrastructure of the RSCC easternmost branch. Also, the Iskra group of companies demonstrated equipment and ready-made satellite-based solutions, including the Katran mobile homing antenna, a satellite modem ЯР-1040, the Strizh satellite Internet and telephony in the Ka-band.


The conference was organized by the RSCC and the Iskra group of companies with the support of Rossvyaz. The event was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of RSCC.