"Satellite Communications: On Earth and in Space" exhibition has opened in the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

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November 29, 2018 in the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, an opening ceremony took place of the exhibition "Satellite Communications: On Earth and in Space," to which the RSCC is a partner. The ceremony was attended by Evgeny Buydinov, RSCC Deputy General Director for Development and Operation of Communication Systems, Natalia Artyukhina, Director of the Museum of Cosmonautics, Alexander Laveykin, Pilot-Cosmonaut and Hero of the Soviet Union, and Ivan Sitilenkov, Deputy Head of the Satellite Communication Control Center, one of the veteran employees of the RSCC.

The exhibition reflects the history of satellite communications in Russia from the first Soviet Molniya-1 communications satellite to modern telecommunications satellites of the Express-AM series. For the first time, the exhibits include equipment used at satellite earth stations, as well as archival documents and photographs from the collection of the Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics and the RSCC.

The new exhibition is the second joint project of the Museum and RSCC. The first joint exhibition was organized at the Museum in 2017, and its principal theme of was the 50th anniversary of the RSCC.