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SatComRus-2014, the prime event in Russia’s satellite industry, took place near Moscow

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With support of Rossvyaz, RSCC held an international conference that had attracted over 300 participants from Russia, the EU, U.S.A., Canada, and Singapore.

The agenda which was discussed at SatComRus-2014 included major trends in the international satellite industry, the specifics and tendencies in the Russian satellite communications and digital broadcasting market, and business in Russia in the context of economic sanctions. Yеt, the main subject concerns plans to renovate the Russian state-owned satellite constellation next year (orbiting four new satellites – Express-АМ6, -АМ7, -АМ8 and –AMU), as well as the program to further build up the constellation in the 2015-2025 timeframe.

SatComRus-2014, being the 19th annual Conference of Russian operators and users of satellite communications and broadcasting, was attended by top executives of the Federal Communications Agency, Russian and international operators of satellite communications, manufacturers of launch vehicles, other space products and telecommunications equipmentя, system integrators, service providers, as well media and insurance, industry analysts, experts and journalists.  

In the course of the Conference RSCC has signed a long-term contract with ZAO Ka-Internet for provision of communications services using the Ka-band capacity of Express-АМ5 (140 degrees East). Starting the first quarter of 2015 the broadband internet access service will be available to users in the Far East and Siberia. The contract is the first step in commercialization of the Russian satellite frequency bands that hold a lot of promise for this country. It also signifies practical efforts to eliminate digital inequality of remote Russian regions.

Another important landmark in the SatComRus-2014 business agenda was the signing of cooperation agreement in the sphere of educational programs between RSCC and the Dubna International University dedicated to nature, society and man. The document was signed as part of RSCC Innovation Development Program. It provides for training of specialists for Russian satellite communications industry and involvement of RSCC specialists in the educational process.