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Russia’s RSCC and Eutelsat mark 20 years of cooperation

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Partnering on building the highest quality of digital infrastructure since 1994, Eutelsat and RSCC promote communications and broadcasting services in Russian, European, Middle East and North Africa markets.

It is 20 years since Russia’s Minister of Communications, Vladimir Bulgak, signed the agreement marking the Russian Federation’s membership of the Eutelsat organization. This was a milestone strengthening ties between the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) and one of the world’s leading satellite operators and boosting opportunities for collaboration with the other 46 member countries in Eutelsat which operated as an intergovernmental organisation until 2001.

Today, RSCC and Eutelsat successfully work together in Russia’s satellite communications market and in markets in the Middle East and North Africa. In the Russian Federation, RSCC provides direct broadcasting services for the NTV-Plus and Tricolor TV platforms and distribution services for regional TV channels using the Russian beam of the EUTELSAT 36A and B satellites at 36° East and the Express AT-1 satellite at 56° East. RSCC also provides monitoring and control services for Eutelsat satellites located in the eastern part of the geostationary orbit. Eutelsat provides communications and broadcasting services in Europe and the Middle East, drawing on capacity of the Express-AM22/SESAT 2 satellite at 53˚ East.

"Eutelsat is a longstanding strategic partner for RSCC. We have covered significant ground during the 20 years of our collaborative effort building ambitious near-term plans. Among other things, new projects include the Russian Express-AM6/SESAT 3 satellite to be launched later this year to replace the Express-AM22/SESAT 2 on the European, Middle East and African markets; joint work on building up the 140° East orbital position for DTH services; and preparation for the combined use of the first Russian high throughput satellite, Express AMU1/EUTELSAT 36C, that should be launched to 36˚ East in late 2015”, says General Director of RSCC Yu.V. Prokhorov.

Michel de Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Eutelsat, added: “We are proud to look back on 20 years of cooperation that have witnessed the deployment of state-of-the-art digital infrastructure serving a vibrant market for broadcast and broadband services. We look forward to collaborating with RSCC on expanding the breadth of services we offer via EUTELSAT 36C, on developing business at other orbital positions and on partnering on initiatives designed to deliver the highest level of service to customers.”