Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) wins the Vladimir Zworykin Award

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The Expert Council of the industry award in the field of television development has rated highly the successful implementation of the Program of Upgrading the RSCC Satellite Constellation in 2009-2015, which has elevated to a qualitatively new level the federal broadcasting in digital format in Russia. The Russian satellite communications operator was given the award in the nomination "For achievements in the field of telecommunication technologies".

The award was given on October 25, 2017 as part of the business program of the 21st International Congress of the National Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters (NAT) in Moscow.

The National Vladimir Zworykin Award for achievements in the field of television development was established by NAT in 2013. Annually, the Zworykin Award is given on a competitive basis for outstanding merit in developing technologies and engineering solutions that have significantly influenced the recording and transmission / reception of television signal, and for original solutions and developments that have led to substantial improvements in the production and playback of audio and video content. In accordance with the rules, participating in the award-related activities are federal and regional television and radio companies, media holdings, telecommunication companies, telecom operators, integrators, equipment manufacturers and technology developers, private individuals, research teams and organizations.

The Expert Council for the Award, which includes industry experts and winners of previous years, have noted the role of the RSCC in the development of Russia's satellite orbital constellation, the cardinal update of which has made it possible to bring to a qualitatively new level the organization of federal broadcasting in digital format and the implementation of regional and commercial broadcasting projects throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, including HD and Ultra HD standard.