The Russian Satellite Communications Company has strengthened its positions in the rating of the leading world operators

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The World Teleport Association published the annual Top Operators Rating for 2019 based on the study of the revenue growth rates and comparison of the revenue of teleports and satellite operators in all regions of the world. According to the results of analysis of the work for the past year, the Russian Satellite Communications Company took the 12th place having risen 4 positions up as compared to the rating of 2018.

The global top twenty operators of the world included other major operators - SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Telesat, etc. WTA Executive Director Robert Bell has noted that “today the teleports and space sector are undergoing the dramatic changes, which changes all business models and stimulates the rapid rate of innovations and adaptation. As the communication becomes more accessible, a search for higher levels of the values for the customers is carried out”. In May 2020, the WTA association will publish its annual report “Leading Operators”, which will provide a more detailed analysis of the survey results.

When ranking the participants in the rating, the capabilities and dynamics of development of the teleports of the operator companies were also considered. It is to be recalled that the ground infrastructure of the Russian Satellite Communications Company includes 5 Satellite Communications Centers (SCC) in the European part of Russia, Siberia and Far East: “Bear Lakes”, “Skolkovo”, «Zheleznogorsk” and “Khabarovsk”, as well as the SCC “Dubna” - the largest teleport of Russia and Eastern Europe.