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Russian Satellite Communications Company and INTERSPUTNIK participate in the 14th Convergence India Exhibition and hold a regional seminar on satellite communication in New Delhi

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New Delhi, 21st – 23rd March 2006 – The Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), a global satellite communications operator and the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications (Intersputnik) are jointly participating in the 14th Convergence India exhibition. The exhibition is South Asia’s largest communications event with over 350 participants from 25 countries.

RSCC’s experts will offer their perspective of the satellite communications development, including telephony, data transmission, Internet access, VSAT multi-application networks, telemedicine and distance learning as well as TV and radio broadcasting via new Express-AM series satellites in India and neighbouring countries. The experience of RSCC in terms of contributing and distributing digital packages of commercial and regional programs using RSCC satellites will be of interest to the guests of the exhibition.

At the stand, top managers from RSCC and Intersputnik would explain the features and benefits of the new-generation Express AM1 satellite and would share their experience with the companies interested in developing advanced communications and broadcasting satellite networks, and with media persons as well. Intersputnik will also present to telecommunication and broadcasting companies of India the new services of its subsidiary Intersputnik Holding Ltd., including the ones dedicated to provide advance technological solutions to establish satellite ‘bridges’ between India and Europe and to set up satellite private networks in the territory of India using the Express AM1 satellite.

In the course of the exhibition several meetings between RSCC, Intersputnik and telecommunications companies of India and neighbouring countries are envisaged.

On the 23rd of March, in Shangri-La New Delhi Hotel RSCC and Intersputnik with participation of Eutelsat hold a regional seminar themed ‘Express-AM1 Satellite Serving India’. The main issue of the event is to present the new Russian Express AM1 satellite capabilities for proving the front-line digital multimedia services as well as to share the practical experience of the satellite operators in the field of providing turn-key satellite solutions. Officials responsible for telecommunications and broadcasting development programs, telecommunications operators and broadcasters, mass media representatives will take part in the seminar.