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RSCC and Satis-TL-94 organized a teleconference space bridge with the Antarctic Bellingshausen Station

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On January 28, 2020 RSCC and Satis-TL-94 JSC provided a satellite communication channel, which was used to arrange a teleconference space bridge with the Antarctic Bellingshausen Station. The event is timed to the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian navigators and explorers Faddey Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev.

It was attended by Andrey Belousov – First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation, Igor Levitin – Assistant to the President of Russia and Artur Chilingarov – the President's Special Representative for International Cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic.


Satis-TL-94 satellite communication equipment, located at the Antarctic  Bellingshausen Station, as well as the capacity of the spacecraft Express-AM44 were used for the teleconference.


Currently, reliable communication channels for the Russian Antarctic stations are organized through spacecraft of RSCC. Russian polar stations “Bellingshausen”, “Vostok”, “Novolazarevskaya”, “Progress”, “Mirny” use the C-band of satellites Express-AM33 and Express-AM44. The members of polar expeditions will have the opportunity to access the Internet, telephone communication and data exchange. Satis-TL-94, a partner of the RSCC, provides satellite communication channels and services for the stations in the Antarctic.

Photo 1: @evgeny_plotnikov