Russian Satellite Communication Company presents unique off-the-shelf satellite solutions for the media industry of the Latin American developing countries

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RSCC takes part in two largest regional shows – SET Expo 2016 (São Paulo, Brazil) and ANDINA LINK COSTA RICA 2016 (San José, Costa Rica).

From August 29 to September 1, 2016, the Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC) will take part in the SET Expo 2016, Latin America’s largest event in the broadcasting industry, in São Paulo, Brazil.

On September 6–8, 2016, RSCC will present its display at the ANDINA LINK COSTA RICA 2016 telecommunications show in San José, Costa Rica.

RSCC’s specialists will demonstrate the capabilities of Russia’s new multi-purpose communications and broadcasting satellite, Express-AM8 (14 degrees West), for TV and radio companies and other representatives of the media industry which are interested in the maximum audience coverage at minimum cost. Solutions from RSCC allow organizing broadcasting in both standard digital format and promising HD and ULTRA HD formats. Furthermore, RSCC will provide data transmission and Internet access services, as well as services for mobile operators in Latin American countries.

You are all invited to attend the Russian Satellite Communication Company’s booth at the SET Expo (38, Red Pavilion and Expo Centre Norte Convention Center, São Paulo, Brazil) as well as the ADNINA LINK COSTA RICA 2016 (27, Barcelo Palacio San Jose Hotel, Costa Rica).