RT and Romantis have arranged transmission from G20 summit via RSCC’s Express-AM8 satellite

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The RT Channel has provided live broadcasts from the recent G20 summit in Argentina. The channel has relied on technical support of the communications operator Romantis LLC, using the RSCC’s Express-AM8 spacecraft (14 deg W). The unique coverage area of the satellite enabled direct, single hope broadcast contributions from Buenos Aires to Russia, avoiding double hop transmissions from Europe.

Ksenia Drozdova, RSCC Deputy General Director for Business Development, says: “The unique configuration of the Express-AM8 beams creates ample opportunities for users in Latin America to transmit HD / Ultra HD video with minimal signal delay.”

Director of the RT TV Channel IT and Communications Directorate Alexander Galauz: “Express-AM8 is the only Russian satellite that has the configuration enabling RT to efficiently organize high-speed information bridges between Russia and Latin America. Thanks to well-coordinated work with our partners, we were able to conduct real-time high-quality broadcasts.”

In the words of Romantis LLC Director General Dmitry Belyaev: “During the broadcasts, we provided round-the-clock technical support of the RT channel specialists, including the deployment of mobile satellite stations. The stations were monitored using the equipment of our company’s remote monitoring center in Brazil.”

The G20 Summit was held in Argentinean capital Buenos Aires from November 30 to December 1. The participants of the G-20 are the 20 countries with the largest national economies - Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Turkey, France, South Korea, South Africa, Japan and the European Union.

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