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RSCC to Participate in Sviaz-Expocomm-2013 (Moscow, May 14-17, Expocentre)

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RSCC will demonstrate new capabilities of the Russian state-owned orbital constellation to provide up-to-date satellite communications and broadcasting services in conjunction with RBC-TV and RSCC’s long-time partner, European satellite operator Eutelsat.

A new feature to be offered by RSCC at this year’s event will be live TV broadcasts that RBC-TV channel will arrange from the joint RSCC/Eutelsat exhibit. On May 14, the opening day, the news segment of the channel will include interviews with participants and guests of Sviaz-Expocomm-2013, PTT officials and the industry top executives.

The RSCC exhibit is located at an open-air site between Pavilion 8 and The Forum. In addition to the area where an interactive demonstration of RSCC and Eutelsat will be provided, the exhibit will include mobile live-coverage studios which RSCC and RBC specialists will use to demonstrate new technical solutions and capabilities of state-of-the-art TV, implementing satellite-supported broadband access.

This will be a new TV experience for all project participants: for the first time, in addition to the traditional mobile TV studios such as Fly & Drive Away, the TV channel will be using a VSAT-station and space-based Ka-band capacity.

You will need an electronic ticket with a bar code. You can get the ticket after registration at:

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