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RSCC to Participate in CSTB’2013

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On 29-31 January, 2013, RSCC and Eutelsat (France) will be displaying their joint exhibit at CSTB’2013. Also, as part of the Fourth National ‘Big Digit’ Prize in the field of multi-channel digital TV, they will be presenting a special prize, For Development of Satellite Broadcasting.

At their joint stand at the CSTB’2013 exhibition, RSCC and Eutelsat Communications, Europe’s largest satellite operator, will be showing their existing digital communications and TV/radio broadcast capabilities, as well as potential expansion of the product lines in the Russia/CIS markets, as part of their partnership involving the use of prospective Russian satellites.

RSCC Director-General Yuri Prokhorov will be attending the Round Table Forum to discuss topical issues of TV/radio digitalization in Russia under the theme of “Infrastructural Role of Domestic Satellite Constellations in Implementing the Federal Target Program, TV/Radio Broadcast Development through 2015”. Invitations to participate in the Round Table have been extended to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, other industry agencies, and members of the Russian business community.

The CSTB Exhibition and Forum represent one of the most important annual media events of the industry. They embrace all current formats and trends in TV and telecommunications technologies including digital, cable, satellite and aerial TV, IPTV, OTT, mobile TV, HDTV, 3DTV, TV content, mobile multimedia communications, multi-service networks and satellite communications.

On January 30, awards and prizes will be given to the best domestic and international companies in the field of multi-channel TV, including the special RSCC Prize, For Development of Satellite Broadcasting.

Please come to the joint RSCC/Eutelsat exhibit at the CSTB’2013 (Moscow, Crocus Expo Center, Moscow, Pavilion 1, Hall 2, Stand 315).