RSCC Supports Golden Ray National Award Ceremony in Moscow

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RSCC acted as a partner at the event and gave a special award for advancing satellite TV in Russia.

The national award for advancing satellite, cable and internet TV, the Golden Ray, was initiated by the National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters (NAT) and the European satellite operator, Eutelsat, in partnership with RSCC.

The gala ceremony of giving awards to prize-winners was held on 23 October 2014 in the Moscow-based Planet KVN youth center. RSCC established its special prize, For Development of Satellite TV in Russia, which was given to the Omsk Кegional TV&Radio Company (Channel 12, ОАО ORTRK).

Upon giving the prize, Sergey Plotnikov, director of RSCC Department for Infocommunications technologies and multimedia services, stressed that «ORTRK is one of Russia’s more prominent regional broadcasters, working successfully in the Siberian region for over 15 years and, inter alia, using the capacity of RSCC satellites. Since 2014б the broadcasters in the Siberian region have had access to the capacity of Express-АТ1, Express-АT2 and Express-АМ5, thereby building up opportunities for broadening cooperation between RSCC and ORTRK and expanding the channel’s audiences».

RSCC warmly congratulates the colleagues in Omsk and wishes ORTRK new achievements, prosperity and every success.

More details about the Golden Ray award-giving ceremony are available at: